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In late 2019, the artist members of DeBlois Gallery were finalizing the exhibit schedule for 2020. First up would be the season opener in March, which has traditionally been an open show with a theme. In a burst of inspiration, we chose the theme “Breaking Out”. It would prove to be eerily prophetic.
Thirty-eight area artists were inspired to contribute over 80 works in many media, not one of which made reference to a looming pandemic that would force the premature closing of the gallery with the stunning show still gracing its walls. What to do? This show is just too good to fade away unseen. So, creatives that we are, we heeded the words of JFK: “In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.” And with that in mind, cheers to the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts for sharing the work of our state's artists! #RIArts


Come with us now to tour our Virtual Gallery. Just click the tabs above to view each section of the upper and lower galleries. Follow the numbered order, or wander at will, just as you would in our actual space. If an artwork takes your fancy, please see the next page (How-To) to make it yours...

Upper Gallery

About this gallery tour:

You can tour the gallery using the tab buttons above. To zoom in on art works on display, click on the thumbnails found in the label listings under the main picture. Try it out by clicking on the thumbnail to the right for a close-up of the large sculpture in the background above. Click anywhere on the screen to dismiss the close-up.

Yes! Most of these wonderful art works are for sale. If one takes your fancy, you can return to this page and click the button below to make your purchase. Just fill in your name, email, and description of the piece you want. We will email you a Square invoice that will link you to their secured site for payment, and we'll then follow up with you to arrange no-contact pickup. The artists of DeBlois Gallery and our guest artists thank you for supporting the arts!

Please tell us the ID (ex: '44A') of the work you're interested in, and any helpful details (title, artist). We will send you a Square invoice promptly.
If you just want to send a message, you can enter it here also, no purchase involved.
When you click the "Send Email" button, your mail client will open, and you can add anything you want to the message before sending as usual. Click the back button to return to the gallery.

8B: Red Menace, Acrylic
Artist: Mariani; $100

8A: Green Dolphin Street, Acrylic
Artist: Mariani; $100

11A: Breaking from the 'Group', Acrylic
Artist: Honnen; $300

11B: Take Me Away, Mixed Media
Artist: Honnen; $190

8C: Cliff Walk, Acrylic
Artist: Mariani; SOLD

28C: Buddha's Haven, Oil
Artist: Daniels; $600

18E: The Floating World, Pen on Card
Artist: O'Donnell; $100

4B: Beavertail Light, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Martino; $200

29B: Prendre La Fuite, Watercolor
Artist: Boule-Mainella; SOLD

10B: Now You See Me, Mixed Media
Artist: Nexans; $2000

10A: What the Eyes Don't See, Mixed Media
Artist: Nexans; $2000

9C: Spring Breaking Through, Photography
Artist: Bottari; $100

4A: Blooms and Shells, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Martino; $175

9A: Pink Flower, Photography on Wood
Artist: Bottari; $75

9D: Green Leaf, Photography on Metal
Artist: Bottari; $100

13A: Sea Treasures, Oil on Wood
Artist: Wojcik; $390

29A: Dane's Escape, Acrylic
Artist: Boule-Mainella; $75

38C: Through the Looking Glass, Ceramic/Mixed Media
Artist: Pfanstiehl; $195

18A: Soto Kichi Uriu, Oil on Board
Artist: O'Donnell; $300

2A: Flower Tea House, Paper/Mirror
Artist: May; $200

35A: Old Stone Mill, Porcelain Table Sconce
Artist: Leyenberger; $175

15A: Break from the Past: Be Here Now, Oil on Canvas
Artist: LeBlanc; $250

35B: Schooner, Porcelain Table Sconce
Artist: Leyenberger; $175

18B: Bengbu Tractor, Oil on Canvas
Artist: O'Donnell; $300

20B: Horseshoe Crab, Acrylic on Wood
Artist: Kennedy-Antonnellis; $625

28A: Bird's Outing, Oil
Artist: Daniels; $1800

31A: Breaking Out, Pencil
Artist: D'Antico; $75

14B: Wood Nymph, B/W Photography
Artist: Barber; SOLD

27C: Buddha, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Gershenoff; $200

32A: Stonewall, Watercolor, Permanent Marker
Artist: Stone; $150

37AB: The Egg Came First (diptych), Photo Transfer on Canvas Board
Artist: Nash; $100

32B: St. Francis and The Birds, Prismacolor, Watercolor, Marker
Artist: Stone; $150

14A: China Doll, Clay Sculpture
Artist: Barber; $200

3A: And They're Off, Oil
Artist: Arieta; $250

3B: Hit 'n' Run, Oil
Artist: Arieta; $250

23A: Cool Winter Light, Oil
Artist: Roche; $525

23B: Dark Winter Light, Oil
Artist: Roche; $525

33A: Hope, Mixed Media
Artist: Donnelly; $1400

26A: Sunrise Breaking Out, Photography
Artist: Lynch; $125

26B: Nude Breaking Out, Photography
Artist: Lynch; $250

12B: Spring Cycle, Oil
Artist: Albaugh; SOLD

12A: Silent Launch, Oil
Artist: Albaugh; SOLD

28B: Tree Whisperer, Oil
Artist: Daniels; $1600

6A: Don't Touch Me, Acrylic
Artist: Wolf; $1250

18C: Wang Tie Yu, Oil on Linen
Artist: O'Donnell; NFS

18D: Teacher and Student, Oil on Linen
Artist: O'Donnell; $300

9B: Single Berry, Photography on Canvas
Artist: Bottari; SOLD

19B: Dusted, Acrylic
Artist: Prosser; $550

19A: Away from It All, Acrylic
Artist: Prosser; $700

1A: Hooked Rug, Wool
Artist: Caplain; NFS

25A: Full Moon with Bonfire Sparks, Acrylic
Artist: Howe; $350

18F: Man, Woman and Memory, Pen, Pastel, and Acrylic on Board
Artist: O'Donnell; $400

17A: Wandering I, Mixed Media
Artist: Purviance; $275

5B: Uncut, Charcoal
Artist: Padmanabhan; $1800

5A: Jungle Fowl, Charcoal
Artist: Padmanabhan; $1800

24B: The Prisoner, Digital Composite
Artist: Kinzel; $125

16C: East Beach, Westport, Photography
Artist: Pedro; $100

21D: Breaking Waves II, Acrylic on Paper
Artist: Bliss; $125

21A: Near and Far I,
Artist: Bliss; $125

21C: Breaking Waves I, Acrylic on Paper
Artist: Bliss; $125

21B: Near and Far II, Acrylic on Paper
Artist: Bliss; $125

16A: Art Often Gets Out of Hand, Acrylic
Artist: Pedro; $250

16D: Braga Bridge - Fall River, Photography
Artist: Pedro; $125

16B: Fall, Acrylic
Artist: Pedro; $400

20C: Paisley Lobster, Acrylic on Wood
Artist: Kennedy-Antonnellis; $650

22A: Placing Strength, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Arsenio; $900

22B: Strength of Purpose, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Arsenio; $900

34A: What's for Dinner?, Ceramic
Artist: Debrule; $150

27B: Cocktail, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Gershenoff; SOLD

27A: Starry Cat, Oil on Canvas
Artist: Gershenoff; $150

7A: Signal (4), Acrylic on Panel
Artist: M. O'Donnell; $1000

33B: Lost, Acrylic
Artist: Donnelly; $140

33C: And She Cried, Acrylic
Artist: Donnelly; $90

36D: Anthracite and Brass, Sculpture
Artist: Hetland; $875

36A: Sea Nymph, Sculpture
Artist: Hetland; $975

36B: The Kiss, Sculpture
Artist: Hetland; $975

39A: Breaking Out, Wood Sculpture
Artist: Berry; $800

36C: Narwhal, Sculpture
Artist: Hetland; $875

36E: Anthracite and Wood, Sculpture
Artist: Hetland; $550

24A: We Have to Get Out of This Place, Assemblage
Artist: Kinzel; $125

30D: The Wound Crackled Vase, Ceramic
Artist: Amedo; $60

38A: Breaking Out, Ceramic
Artist: Pfanstiehl; $150

24A: We Have to Get Out of This Place, Assemblage
Artist: Artist; $125

30D: The Wound Crackled Vase, Ceramic
Artist: Amedo; $60