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April 4 - 27

Kris Offill & Jay Catalan

"Mimicking the Passage of Time"

In April 2014, DeBlois Gallery featured the work of Kris Offill and Jay Catalan in the exhibition “Mimicking the Passing of Time.”  Both Offill and Catalan use their artwork as an outlet for expression from loss and trauma. “Mimicking time” became a different concept for each artist.

Kris Offill was awarded “Best in Show” at the 2014 Newport Art Museum Newport Annual Members’ Juried Show; hel displays pieces with oil applied from the tube and framed on salvaged windows he found. A Navy Corpsman currently stationed in Newport, he is self-trained as an artist but is passionate about the process and has been influenced by various forms of contemporary art. He began to paint three years after the death of his father and a deployment to Iraq gave him a sense of the shortness of life and the need to find meaning in “what we leave behind”.  This is what he seeks to express in his art.

Jay Catalan of Portsmouth presents 3-D tubular red copper sculptures in contemporary, geometric designs that are dramatic for interiors and weather-safe for exteriors. He first studied Fine Arts at CCRI and worked with photography, sketching and sculpture, but then became a General Contractor with his father’s construction company for 30 years. During his recovery from a near fatal accident in 2013, he began working with the materials that construction work provided and rediscovered the passion for his art. His “passing of time” became recuperation and working with his hands and reevaluating his life’s priorities. Art began again for him, ironically, from mastering skills and gaining knowledge he learned in construction.


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