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Linda Hufnagel, Ceramics; Diana Sartor, Paintings; Frieda Squires, Paintings
April 1 to April 30, 2017

DeBlois Gallery began the 2017 season with “Inspired by Nature”, a 3-artist show with painters Frieda Squires and Diana Sartor, and ceramicist Linda Hufnagel  Each artist presented a sense of nature in a variety of media but all shared a love of the outdoors with: the mountains, the color vibrancy of nature, or clay work that seeks the organic, biological beauty of the natural world.


Diana lives and maintains a studio in coastal Rhode Island. She is a mixed media artist whose work is strongly influenced by her environment. Color and expressive line are key elements in her paintings. Using vibrantly colored artist's inks, acrylics and hand painted papers she takes a spontaneous approach to painting. Surrendering to the flow as inks meander, mingle and find their way around the surface of water saturated paper is reason enough for her to paint. Nature and seasonal changes found in New England inspire her. Impressions of nature as each season unfolds are reflected in her paintings.


I grew up on a farm and spent all my free time observing and communing with the natural world.  One activity I remember was lying on our lawn and watching the insects that live between the leaves of grass and clover.  In the spring I 
would collect amphibian eggs and watch them turn into tadpoles.  I observed the insemination of cows, the birth of calves and kittens and the behavior of animals, birds and butterflies.  I became interested in biological diversity, and learned to recognize and identify every species of butterfly and bird that lived on our farm.  I also learned of the inorganic world of minerals and their colors and crystalline structures.  
The natural world is sometimes organized and patterned, yet often organic, undulating and unpredictable!  Much is invisible to the naked eye.  I strive to make forms that are organic and use their surfaces to capture designs, images and patterns that reflect what I have seen and felt of the natural world.

Basic info…..33 years at the Providence Journal as a staff photographer. Started painting classes at the Newport Art Museum in 2002. Work in pastel, oil and acrylic, mostly landscapes from my hiking trips in the mountains.

A close friend took me to Vermont seven years ago and I fell in love with the mountains. Have been hiking since then in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains in Vermont, Baxter State Park in Maine and the Adirondacks in New York. Now that I’m retired and have the time, I’m finally getting the chance to see the West. Recently visited Glacier National Park in Montana, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and have hiked now in the Colorado Rockies too. The mountains make my heart sing. 

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