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DeBlois Gallery Community Event

February 14 - February 21, 2015



Samantha Su started her work as a commission artist - but changed her approach after noticing a trend in our society. She found that because of social media, people are more directly connected with their mobile devices than most other outlets - which posed a problem for artists. How do you get people to look at art if they're too busy on their phones?

Her answer is to bring her work to the public. She calls it "Assassin Style" Art. Installing pieces pro bono around Newport; it is her dream to turn Newport - and ultimately Rhode Island- Into a mecca for public art. 

“Let’s make Newport so beautiful, that our youth looks up from their phones for a moment of reflection. We may not understand the culture, but we can influence it. Your contributions make the continuation of her project possible. Together we can reevaluate what art means, and how we are connected to it."


Raised in Rhode Island, Artist Samantha Anselmo has always been inspired by the wonderment of nature and the simplicity of the childhood imagination. Much of her work is created through the use of found materials, as to invite the viewer to take ownership of their contribution in the art world. Initially starting as a commission artist, she developed a foothold in the sculpture world after falling in love with it as a teenager. During her high school years, she was introduced to the art world in part through the DeBlois Gallery. Samantha has been creating artwork for much of her life, and through doing so has managed to secure a feature in Better Homes and Gardens for this coming July, 2015.

Her love of sculpture has led her to design and create a recycled multimedia interactive piece for outdoor installation set to be unveiled this Spring, 2015. This sculpture will be of people composed mostly out of recycled wire and glass (collected litter and trash from around Aquidneck island), as to catch and reflect the light bouncing off of the ocean, while also reflecting the image of the viewer onto the glass. In effect the audience will have no choice but to recognize each person's contribution to the destruction of our environment. 


March - December Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 pm

At our new location (with plenty of parking):

134 Aquidneck Avenue
Middletown, RI 02842