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Michael S. Guertin


Digital Wizardry

Michael S. Guertin has exhibited his distinctive images of seaside New England from coast to coast and internationally. While his inspirations come primarily from early twentieth century artistic movements (e.g., Fauvism, Cubism, Vorticism, Futurism and Expressionism), his work utilizes twenty-first century technology (e.g., digital, slit-scan and 3D photography, 3D computer modeling and video software programming). His work has been included in juried exhibitions at:

The Cape Cod Art Association * Barnstable, Massachusetts

The Cambridge Art Association * Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Visual Arts Society of Texas * Denton, Texas

The Art Complex Museum * Duxbury, Massachusetts

The Center for Fine Art Photography * Ft. Collins, Colorado

The Brand Library Art Galleries * Glendale, California

The Conanicut Island Art Association * Jamestown, Rhode Island

The Mystic Arts Center * Mystic, Connecticut

The Newport Art Museum * Newport, Rhode Island

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art * Novato, California

The Oklahoma Art Guild * Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum * Provincetown, Massachusetts

The Southern Cross Exhibition of  Stereo Photography * Sydney, Australia

The Wickford Art Association * Wickford, Rhode Island

Wave Actions: Images of Newport and Seaside New England

The Wave Actions collection reveals the patterns of our encounters with the sea. Each of these images has been carefully crafted from one or several photographs. They are composed by collecting, selecting, arranging and enhancing photographic bits obtained with camera, scanner, and movie camera. This is photography that reveals the world not so much as it is, but as it could be seen. The Wave Actions series is available in various dimensions as archival prints on stretched canvas. Each print is approximately 20" x 30".

Edge Work




Surf's Up

Mauka Makai

Run for the Water

Island Intrigue

Surf Anywhere

Surfing is as much about attitude as it is about endurance and ability. The surfing ethos is one of laid back, happy-go-lucky confidence at all times. Imagine having that mindset in everything you do, everywhere you go. You would encounter each new place, each new experience with the same wide-eyed awareness and total self-assuredness. It's a state of totally being there, hyper-focused and hyper-aware, yet relaxed and composed. Surf-attitude might just be the perfect travel-attitude. The Surf Anywhere series is available as archival prints on Somerset Enhanced Velvet watercolor paper. Each image is approximately 15" x 22" and is matted and framed to 24" x 30".






Banque de Newport

The Banque de Newport series presents Newport scenes as a series of bank notes. In these works the smooth curves and repeating background patterns are wave scans. Wave scans are created by assembling a sequence of scan lines from the frames of video footage into a single image. For example, the waves in Easton's Bay on the 500 Coquilles (shells) note look odd because each wave is seen earlier on the right side of the image and later on the left side. The Banque de Newport series is available as 6" x 12" x 1 " archival prints on stretched canvas, and as 11" x 17" prints (6 " x 12 " image size) on Somerset Enhanced Velvet watercolor paper.