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JULY 7 TO 29, 2018

Mandy Howe, Ann Marie Shoppell, Ron Ferreira, John Irwin, and Mary Chatowsky Jameson bring their skills to DeBlois Gallery’s walls and pedestals, as well as their love and concern for nature: the seas, the shores, the trees.


Mandy Howe has produced small paintings illustrating her concern about the “micro-plastics mixing with micro-flora” and the floating sheets of plastic sheets and netting at our shoreline.  Natural and man-made are mixed. Howe has been an instructor at the Coleman Center of Art at the Newport Art Museum and is a member of DeBlois Gallery.


Ann-Marie Shoppell, another DeBlois member, loves the sea views we are surrounded by. Her media are oil paint and graphite and her work is based on color and feeling. Ann-Marie loves it all: nature, paint brushes, pencils, paper, canvas. Simple lines, she says, tell us so much. She has a particular love of Rembrandt’s drawings. The lines and marks he left for us inspire her.


For Ron Ferreira, Woodturnings By Ron began after retirement from 35 years in the construction business. After buying a lathe, and with lots of professional classes and plenty of practice, his pleasure became a passion. The materials he uses are natural and the imported and domestic woods are all harvested legally by means of storms, disease, or by construction. Ron aims for a natural shape that can be held in the hand, the feel tactical or smooth, a piece you would want to caress; he likes to think his work can give warmth and joy for generations to come.  Ron feels fortunate that he has maintained contact with fellow artists from around the world and is proud to have pieces in England, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Mexico and throughout the United States.


Painter John Irwin says if you see him on the shore here on Aquidneck Island, on the rocks, at the beach, walking, painting or fishing stripers in Spring, stop and say hello. John has been a beach bum since he was a teenager, when he spent much of his summer time in Newport, South Shore and Horseneck sketching and painting loose watercolors. In his recent work we find Sachuest Point painted from life and memory. Craggy rocks, shores, angles of the sun, types of weather, the feel of salt water in the air and on the skin and various moods of the artist: all have contributed to the diversity in each painting.


Mary Chatowsky Jameson is an artist who explores the marine environment for inspiration in her artwork. Her Marine Botanical pressings and collage are created from seaweed and organic elements collected on excursions throughout the intertidal zones of the northern Atlantic coast. Currently, Mary is exploring marine algae as a contemporary art form by a process of symbiotic layering to create new forms. Transformation of the nuisance seaweed offers new insights into the mysteries and beauty of the marine world. The artist is the owner of Saltwater Studio in Newport, Rhode Island.