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June 6 - June 28, 2015

Three Women, One Fantastic JUNE SHOW!

Mandy Howe, Paintings & Collage
Lisa May, Paper Sculpture
Jo-Anna Melrose, Paintings
Artist's Statement:

Mandy Howe is an artist and art teacher from Rhode Island. Primarily a land and seascape painter, her work often includes natural objects and collected things. She is a graduate of Boston University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She has two children and teaches art in both independent and inner city schools.
    The natural world has always been the inspiration for my paintings. For the past four years I have been focused on painting the ocean around Aquidneck Island.   I am more interested in the shoreline than in the horizon line: the edge of the sea, where the flotsam and jetsam of man and nature meet. My recent work is a series of numbered paintings called “Shorelines”.
      This series describes the anthropogenic era or the manmade litter that mingles with the flora and fauna washing up on the shore.  “The Anthropocene Era is a proposed geologic chronological term for an epoch that begins when human activities have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.” (Wikipedia/Smithsonian.com) I grew up in Rhode Island and have witnessed these changes over time.
      In my recent paintings I am coming to terms with the plastic that is all around us now. I layer images with acetate, paint with acrylics, adhere things to surfaces with metallic tape and use decorative paints and polymers from the hardware store. I collage man-made and natural objects onto the canvas: shells, sand, pebbles, crab shells, and driftwood; balloon trash, shards of plastic, aluminum cans, plastic netting, rope, tangles of fishing line and seaweed.
     The tension between the natural beauty of the shoreline and what washes up as human litter is compelling. It is also the reality of our times.  How to come to terms with this in paintings that honor Rhode Island’s rich seascape tradition is the challenge.
Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 02871
Artist's Statement:

Papermaking captured my interest while I was studying painting and sculpture at the Art Students League in New York City. I was attracted to the manipulative aspects of the medium and its creative and functional possibilities combining color and shape as well as texture.

My process starts by mixing two different fibers in order to make my sheets of paper.  I combine cotton linter, which is soft and flexible with a fiber called abaca, which is strong and durable.  I introduce dye and other materials into the mix to add color and texture.  I then use the sheets of paper to cover my form.  A water proofing solution of acrylic, matte or gloss is then applied to protect the work.
My work ranges from decorative to functional and includes cast paper shoes, frames, baskets, figures, hats, ornaments and other three dimensional pieces.

My work is displayed regularly at the Deblois Gallery of which I am a member.  I also display and sell my work at a number of other art and craft galleries and create custom orders upon request. 

I teach art outreach programs through the Newport Art Museum in Newport, RI

Lisa May, Papermaker

Artist's Statement:

   Jo-Anna Melrose was born in 1957 and raised on the estate in Lloyd Harbor, New York where her father was head horticulturist.  Working on this evocative property on Long Island’s North Shore provided a rich environment for the observation of nature, and inspired Melrose to begin painting at a very young age. The interplay of formal gardens, old growth forests, and shoreline established the basis for the keen sense of balance and color which characterize her representational figure studies and luminous landscapes.
   Her formal education includes fine art classes at SUNY College at Buffalo, New York; Stony Brook University, New York; and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, as well as studio work with master printmakers Nicolette Jelen, and Dan Welden.
   Melrose’s meticulous sense of craftsmanship is evident in the wide range of media she has mastered - from commissioned calligraphy and illumination to the illustrations and packaging conc   epts she has created for clients including Mattel Toys and Ted Bates Advertising Agency.  In addition she has employed her unique vision in the design of stage sets for the Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor, New York and Stages Children’s Theatre Workshop, East Hampton, New York. Her prints, drawings, and paintings have been exhibited at numerous distinguished galleries in New York City, Long Island, and Newport, RI.
   Melrose continues to draw inspiration from the natural world creating visual meditations of great beauty.

“It is, the exchange between eye, heart and
hand that holds the energy of my pictures.”



SHORELINE #11 Detail
Mixed Media on Canvas

Cast Paper


Mixed Media on Canvas

Cast Paper


Acrylic on Canvas with Collage

Cast Paper


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