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Ellen Blomgren, Ceramic Sculptures
Ron Caplain, Photography and Rugs

June 4 - 26, 2016

Ellen Blomgren is a professional ceramic artist specializing in narrative, animal sculpture. Ellen is exceptionally talented with sculpted dog portraits and is able to capture the very personalities of each pet. 

Mrs. Blomgren owns Mudstone
Studios, a collaborative ceramics studio in Warren RI. Mudstone is a very active space with learning and sharingof ideas. She also opened the Mudstone Annex, which has evolved into the Made In Warren store. 

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has always been a
favorite - photographing there has added a dimension and giving me more reasons to spend time there.

I began this project by watching people observe art.  Then I focused in on one painting - Starry Night by Van Gogh.  I stood next to this, photographing people and their reactions to it. It was actually a psychological study as well. I saw it as a destination piece of art for most foreigners and they all wanted to have their pictures taken with it- almost to give them confirmation that they were there.
An Artist Educator on the RISCA roster since 2002, Ellen integrates education in the creation of ceramic art. She guides students through the planning, forming and glazing processes.

Public installations include Rhode Island Hospital, Woodlawn Community Center Pawtucket RI and over a dozen schools throughout RI.
This led me to photographing people and superimposing their image on the piece that they were looking at.  Some was done in camera, which preserved a spontaneity - other times I did this post processing.  The concentration of the viewer on the art gave this a zen feeling and the person became part of the painting.
And then there was the interaction of the visitors with their friends, the classes, the body language, and the children.  It was an exciting experience to be able to see and do this.
Recent venues of Ellen’s personal works include Deblois Gallery Newport RI, Van Vessim Gallery at Sandywoods in Tiverton, 30 Cutler Street Gallery and Imago Gallery Warren, RI. This October Ellen will have her first museum show at Bristol Art Museum.
Examples of her work can be seen at www.ellenblomgren.com

In this exhibit will be three hooked rugs, done with wool yarn.  They are all of Picasso’s Guernica, two based on street art, the other part of the actual picture.  They are all reinterpreted in colors based on my feelings.
Being a street photographer, this took me inside on those cold and rainy days when I could not be outside.  I continue with my street photography now, doing a series of images in New York, from Harlem, West 47th Street, Times Square, and Ground Zero.  I am also bringing together a group of pictures taken on the streets of Brazil and West Africa.

March - December Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 pm
134 Aquidneck Avenue
Middletown, RI 02842