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March 7 - 29, 2015

Valorie Sheehan and Lee Segal
In Conjunction with
Lively Experiments:
2015 Exhibition of The National Council for
Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)

Experiments may take root in obscure places at seemingly inconsequential moments. They become Lively when we learn that the issues and concerns under investigation connect with the minds and imaginations of others. Lively Experiments become richer as different perspectives make contact. NCECA’s annuaconference has earned a reputation worldwide as a premiere event for ceramic art drawing thousands each year. Lively Experiments will join ceramic art’s historic engagement with empirical research and discovery to today’s evolving creative commons. Conference programming based at the Rhode Island Convention Centewill investigate, celebrate and promote discourse in lively Experimentation through aesthetics, history, criticism, pedagogy, professional practice, technology and sustainability. Special strands dedicated to K-12 education and student centered programming will also be incorporated along with opportunities to lear about ceramics study, residency opportunities, services and products in a large
Resource Hall.
Artists worldwide view NCECA as an important opportunity to expose their work to passionate and informed audiences. The region-wide array of clay and creativity surrounding the conference will be prodigious in scope, exceptional in quality,  and embody diverse conceptual and aesthetic approaches. Extending throughout greater Providence and into Southern New England, Lively Experiments will be a unique opportunity to discover, experience, learn about and collect ceramics.
NCECA Newport Tour Wednesday, March 25 - Stop 5
DeBlois Gallery, 134 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI, 401‐847‐9977, http://www.debloisgallery.com/ 
LG Figure/Vessel/Figure, Lee Segal and Valorie Sheehan.  A potter and a sculptor collaborate to pursue the figure
using a range of clay bodies, firing temps, atmospheres and forms. Narrative to abstract. Wheel thrown, hand built.
Organized by Valorie Sheehan.  Hours during NCECA: Closed Mon & Tue; Wed 11:30am‐5pm; Thu‐Sun 1‐5pm.  March  22‐28.

Lee Segal is a life-long studio potter and for the past 20 years the owner of All Fired Up Pottery on Thames Street in Newport, RI.  His pieces are known for their rich color and glazed surfaces, all masterfully thrown.  This new work is formal:  large, strong forms, which evoke the human figure.

Valorie Sheehan has pursued the figure as a sculptural ceramist for the past 25 years in a most literal way.  She creates standing figures that open, enabling the owner to contain within objects that have personal meaning and will continue a story.  In this new work she uses the body as the ultimate vessel:   one which contains spirit.   “As humans we were designed to soar, but our clinging unwillingness to let go of our demons keeps us earthbound”

Lee Segal

valorie Sheehan

Lee Segal

Valorie Sheehan

Lee Segal

Valorie Sheehan

March - December Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 pm

At our new location (with plenty of parking):

134 Aquidneck Avenue
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