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Papermaker, Paper Sculpture

Papermaking captured my interest while I was studying  painting and sculpture at the Art Students League in  New York City. I was attracted to the manipulative  aspects of the medium and its creative and functional  possibilities combining color and shape as well as  texture.

My process starts by mixing two different fibers in order  to make my sheets of paper.  I combine cotton linter,  which is soft and flexible with a fiber called abaca, which is strong and durable.  I introduce dye and other  materials into the mix to add color and texture.  I then  use the sheets of paper to cover my form.  A water  proofing solution of acrylic, matte or gloss is then applied to protect the work.

My work ranges from decorative to functional and  includes cast paper shoes, frames, baskets, figures, hats, ornaments and other three dimensional pieces.

I display and sell my work at a number of art and  craft galleries and also create custom orders upon request.  In addition to my art work, I teach outreach art programs through the Newport Art  Museum in Newport, RI.


Bottle Palm Table, view 1

Bottle Palm Table, view 2

Sheela-Na-Gig Dragon Couple on Lakeside Vacation
at Thai AirBNB

Mermaid Table


A Mighty Catch

(with table view)


 Totem Wall Piece

Eagle NestTotem



Small Floral Mirror

Bear Totem
Pineapple Table

High Heel Table

High Heel Jewelry Box

Hi-Top Sneakers


High Heels

High-Heeled Ornament

Oriental Mirror