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May 2 - May 31, 2015


Maurice Mancini has designed mixed media sculpture in wood, sometimes adding miniature wood figures. From his grandfather he learned “the magic, the beauty of a well told story.” He also admired his talent with basic hand tools and salvaged materials. We can look for narratives in Mancini’s thoughtful work, also.

Ben Ellcome and Nancy E. Custin have tackled the subject of seascapes and surf in different ways. Ellcome uses only pencil on paper in lyrical designs. His hurricane sea is pounded with wind, and sprayed with foam with all the dark/light, thick/thin ferocity that graphite line work can muster. His seascapes become etchings in pencil.

Nancy E. Custin says, ”Join me at the beach.” She invites you to engage and reflect as if you were there, with her beach portraits in paint. Custin’s work is about connections to familiar places with movement, energy, and reflection. These paintings invite relaxation.

Artist's Statement:

These special paintings are about connections to familiar places, about movement and energy, and about reflection.

My intention is to 'hold onto a moment', utilizing light and shadow while capturing the invisible forces of wind and tide.

These works are a unique record of a specific time and place while at the beach, a subject that has captured and sustained my attention for some time.

These spontaneous impressions of nature help me to interpret the world around me and invite the viewer to emotionally connect as well.

My paintings are passionate experiments with nature, light, and perceived color in the landscape, a symphony that invites the viewer to engage and reflect, as if they themselves were there, AT THE BEACH.
Artist's Statement:

I have been a working artist since 2000, the year I graduated college.  I left the safety of college and was challenged to find a way to make art that did not pay the bills. I started to sail professionally. I found a time that I wanted to move away from sailing and started working with youth. Though I found that the time I spent working to support youth I was using the skills that I learned while sailing. I have found that sailing and the environment has become part of everything I do.

In this show and in the past 5 years I have looked for a way to draw on the environment of sailing, and the context to so much of my life. I have worked to build a space in the drawings that talk about the sailing environment and the internal space I have been in.

The drawings are created in a way that they could represent more than waves, that they could connect to other internal environments.
Artist's Statement:
destruction precedes construction -  Picasso

objects are just an external manifestation of an internal process  -  Mo

put it on ice, it don't go bad  -  Ray

I received an MA in Sculpture from Goddard College, Plainfield,Vermont in 1974.  My advisor was Morgan Gibson, a poet, to whom I owe many thanks.
From my paternal grandfather, Carmine, I learned the magic, the b eauty of a well told story and I was amazed by the wonderful gifts he made, with basic hand tools and salvaged materials. He heard the old men in the village say that man will never fly.  He walked 10 miles to see the first airplane, and another ten miles when he left the village for good.
I am grateful to the Origami Poems Project for their support and waking me from my stupor.

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