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SNAC showcases 10 of their members from Southeastern MA and Northern RI in a number of media: sculpture, oil, pen and ink, watercolors, assemblage, encaustic and photography. The members enjoy presenting a range of art and expression to new audiences throughout MA and RI.

Sean Brady - Sean is interested in our desire for novelty and our contradictory attraction to the familiarity of everyday objects and images. His objective is to explore the Human Condition Through the re-creation and presentation of familiar ideas. The artwork establishes a connection between the viewer from the production and presentation of things that look like other things.
Hollianne Wood-Caruthers - Holly is personally invested and uniquely focused on work that feels meaningful and authentic to her sensibilities. Holly’s creations are open explorations rather than statements of purpose. Meaning is found in the search that keeps her moving forward as an unabashed, enthusiastic artist.
Scott Francoeur - While riding high on emotion, Scott makes marks on the surface using a palette of intuitive color and texture. Each piece then takes on a life all its own. He allows conflicts to resolve themselves; relying on the complex relations between texture, color, line and intuition to be the building blocks of each painting’s individual vision.
Jennifer Jope - Jennifer is an award winning fine artist and photographer specializing in conceptual portraiture. Her work is romantic, emotional, and poetic as her photographs tell the quiet part of a story. The affecting presence of her work creates balances between unconcealed realities and an imagined poignancy.
Dan Kern - Dan relies on the specific and surreal to apply each dot, stroke and line to his illustrations. Rooted somewhere in various realities, each of his pieces allows you to see what patience and imagination can do with an un-suspecting piece of paper.
Maggie MacLellan - Maggie creates work that ranges from detailed portraits of animals to whimsical creatures. A solid understanding of animals pushes her work forward as she spent years as a Veterinary Tech. Many of her works are created in Paper-Mache, chosen for its flexibility and lightness.
Filipe Miguel - Filipe has an artistic curiosity that leads him towards multiple artistic mediums. His process encourages him to search for new challenges in each piece. Fil’s encaustic pieces exemplify everything about the moments he feels inspired to create. Fil continues to search for visual poetry in every piece while pushing the limits of the chosen materials.
James Moran - James is drawn to the interplay, and occasional collision, of form and color. His polychrome artworks invite the viewer to enjoy the seductive shock of the new.
Denn Santoro - My photos generally concentrate on the interplay of angles and shapes and light. I compose with a point of view that is intended to confound the viewers’ normal perspective and view of the world. I enjoy playing with the viewers’ perceptual tendencies in ways that make them engage with the image as they try to force it into a more usual perceptual framework. I do this in various ways from using radical perspectives, tight and unusual composition, subtle lines that skew the perspective in a way the mind tends to reject and readjust, placing the focus in unexpected places or the simple inclusion of odd detail. I often create photos that are an abstraction of the subject such that it is hard to recognize at first or at all. The viewer, offered a perspective they would be unlikely to see in everyday experience, should engage with the subjects of the work and, hopefully, see them in a new way. I try and make my work visually interesting and perceptually difficult. I do almost all of my composition in-camers. I rarely crop my photos nor do I modify them in any other way from the actual result of what the camera captured. No digital or other manipulation is involved. The prints are actual photo prints (silver halide type processing C-prints), not digital prints.
Meghan Dinsmore-Talbot has a beautiful new baby, so her art will speak for her.

March - December Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 pm
134 Aquidneck Avenue
Middletown, RI 02842