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John Irwin, Painter
Mark (Maki) Carvalho, Street Artist
Sandy Webb, Sculptor

May 6 to May 28, 2017

Gallery open 1 pm to 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday
Opening reception: May 6, 5 pm to 7 pm
Gallery Night: May 11, 5 pm to 8 pm


These new paintings are a result of my explorations in landscape and my fascination with popular culture and celebrity. Done over the course of eighteen months, they are really two separate series.

Spring Thaw

The first group of pictures are mixed media abstracts with text and photos taken from magazines. They are meant to be wry commentaries on popular slogans, celebrity,and political correctness.

The other series is a selection of works combining acrylic and latex paint with natural  elements such as twigs, weeds and dried flowers. I have been painting landscapes for many years and have always wished to integrate real objects with paint. With this work I think I have taken a step in that direction.

Each of these series is a search for the truth. The desire to capture nature in her truest form and an attempt to make art out of popular imagery, our printed media and our celebrity obsessed culture.

Northern Lights

Mark (Maki) Carvalho; aka.;MAKI {Maakee} aka;Boston Maki (Bawstin Maakee; /ˈ/ˈbɒstən/ mękɪ/) born 1978. American, contemporary, street artist, painter, and educator.

Classically trained as a painter my focus gradually swayed to street art and the creation and expression of stenciling. After years of experimentation and a reliance to Photoshop, I began to realize how sterile/common the process was among the street art community. The bland breakdown of hue/value and the predictable multiple layers and shapes took all the creativity out of my hands. As a friend once said: “Photoshop is the auto-tune of the art world”. Abandoning all prep and working directly on a large-scale photograph I began to rely on my years of experience to dissect my subject in an organic process of subconscious flow in the form of contour shapes and bridges. Quickly I realized the connection to that of street art and the need for an effective, quick process, but not to sacrifice detail, color, and quality. My current philosophy is to create all my images with the limit of one stencil utilizing speed and effective expression in one layer.

My love for the ocean has been a life long infatuation. Growing up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, I developed a growing appreciation for the surrounding nautical environment. The weathered faces, the calloused hands, and experience of these confident navigators have always left a lasting impression.

Another personal connection to the ocean is my passion for surfing. It is one of the only times I truly feel balanced and blessed in my life. A personal connection to an inner moment of appreciation, and a deeper connection to a solitude of energy. Like each wave or ray of sunlight is meant for me.


I've always had a creative drive, and have spent years delving into a variety of crafts including pottery, jewelry making, macrame, knitting, and photography. However, it was after taking a two day metal workshop ten years ago, that I realized metal was to be my creative medium. Since that time I have been honing my skills and stretching my creative ability working with metal. That two day workshop, plus guidance from my husband on using power tools safely, has been my only formal training in metal sculpture.

I describe my creations as uncommon, contemporary, interpretive designs, hand crafted from new and reclaimed metals. Often I use a combination of metals including copper, brass, and tin, as well as incorporating wood and fiber into my designs. I particularly like to use reclaimed metals not only for their ecological value, but also for the natural patinas that result from being weathered. Some of my recent works include copper roof flashing from a house in Narragansett, RI, and an embossed tin ceiling from a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. 

My husband, John, a furniture maker and wood craftsman, has been a key influence on my work, and has helped me to unlock the beauty of wood in my art. Textiles have also always intrigued me with their vibrant colors and textures. Wood and fiber seems to enhance and complIment my designs.

March - December Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1 - 5 pm
134 Aquidneck Avenue
Middletown, RI 02842