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L I V I N G   C O L O R

Meredith Brower / Kadejah Foster
May 4 - May 26, 2019

The DeBlois Gallery “Living Color” show presents the work of two artists: Meredith Brower and Kadejah Foster. Both find enjoyment in their work through artistic freedom and experimentation. Brower forages and photographs mandalas that she creates from the flora and fauna found around her farm in Tiverton RI. Foster, working in the digital realm, takes advantage of the medium to experiment freely with color, scale and style in her pieces. The duo come together in this show to share the findings of their personal explorations.


Artist's Statement


Brower describes herself as someone who “usually plays it safe”. But when her own circumstances led her to a place of deep introspection, she knew it was time to take the risk and let her photography light shine. Like a firefly, she felt the light growing stronger the more she envisioned herself creating great imagery and making connections with her community. By letting her “inner fire fly”, Meredith has since created a 2017 yoga calendar, started a Yoga & Wellness Festival, launched a series of Firefly Mandalas images and started a barn studio in Tiverton, RI where she photographs, holds Mandala workshops and events.

Artist's Statement

These works are an exploration; an exploration of myself as a person and myself as an artist. Of texture, color, and layering. An exploration of fun, a peaceful being, happiness and excitement. Playing with scale and proportions of the figures along with different techniques going first from pencil and paper and eventually bringing it together digitally. 


I choose the digital realm because it gives me opportunity to test and play with many styles and colors options and change ideas or a train of thought in a second. The color of hair can go from yellow, to red, blue, pink, purple, green, back to blue then orange all in the matter of a minute. It gives me the freedom of a speedy change as I explore what I enjoy creating. 


A little about the Mandala art; each Mandala is individually foraged, created and photographed. Meredith has since started traveling for workshops outside of RI and the US. These mandalas are impermanent eco-art. Once captured at the moment of design, they are left to recycle back into nature and will never look the same as they did at the exact moment. Every Mandala is completely different in color, texture, movement and feel. Used as a way to connect deeper with nature, start a mantra or complete a meditation, these mini art installations are a way to feel the tactile side of nature and experience the environment on a more meaningful level.



Meredith’s work is inspired by the farm coast of Tiverton RI and the fauna we walk amongst everyday.



Meredith Brower, photographer and eco-artist, is owner/operator of Meredith Brower Photography, Firefly Mandalas and founder/director of the Firefly Yoga & Wellness Festival. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography.

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