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November 2 to November 24, 2019
New Faces

November 2019 Card

"New Faces" presents the artwork of Katie Gray, Kelley Donnelly, John Keppel, Elizabeth Hughes and Cheryl Perry. We introduce their art to our community of viewers, the painting and sculpture of emerging artists who delight and challenge us with their visions.

Kelley Donnelly


Kelley is a mixed media artist with an intense love for the art of painting. She portrays the complex, painful and joyful emotions that occur with the human experience.

Through the process of painting she has discovered she is capable of many things in and outside the realm of art as long as she is willing to risk opening herself up on a very personal level.

Kelley will continue to pursue painting with great excitement and determination and focus on the portrait as she firmly and passionately believes every individual has a story that needs to be told. More importantly, we all deserve to be the subject of someone’s canvas somewhere.

Frida Kahlo

Katie Gray

Red Sky

Katie Gray is a printmaker and a painter who has lived on Aquidneck Island most of her life. She finds most of her inspiration for her work from the island we live on. The coastal views, the endless horizon and the colors of the seasons on the coast blend their way into many of Katie’s prints. Monotype printing is one of her favorite mediums. “I love the unexpected nature of running your painting through the printing press! It creates a different type of depth to the print!” Her paintings take from the colors of the beaches and green spaces around us. Her modern landscapes often create movement with the texture of the raw brushstrokes.

Katie attended Colby-Sawyer College and received a B.A in Studio Art with a concentration in printmaking. Katie owns and helps operate Ragged Island Brewing Company in Portsmouth RI. Her artwork is a large part of many of the beer can labels at Ragged Island.

Katie Gray
87 Col. Christopher Greene Rd
Portsmouth, RI 02871

Orange Fish

Elizabeth Hughes


Expressing myself, first as a dancer, then writer/poet, I stay connected to rhythm, form, emotion and word. I moved into visual art after visiting Mexico in 1993 to study Frida Kahlo on a Kinnicutt Grant from the Worcester Art Museum. I have studied collage, printmaking, drawing and painting at The Worcester Art Museum. I continue to study, explore and learn with each new piece, as I move further along in my creative journey.

I am drawn to the exploration of the internal and external landscape. Using color and shape to interpret these landscapes; I hope to convey a moment, place, emotion in time, edging toward the timeless. I feel the mystical in the landscape and in the creative process. It can be challenging to get this down on paper/canvas, with the chosen medium. I sometimes seem to lack the skill, the discipline, the faith, yet I persevere toward communication, connection, truth and beauty.

I have exhibited in many venues over the last 25 years in mainly in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

I currently have work at Roughan McCarthy in Newport RI, and at The Fuller Gallery in Jamestown, RI.

My work can be periodically found in shows at The Portsmouth Arts Guild in Portsmouth, RI and at Spring Bull Studio and Gallery in Newport RI.

Too Far from Shore
Night After Night

John Keppel

When I was in fifth grade, I asked my uncle if I could borrow four books he had obtained as part of an art correspondence course. He was quite talented. I would stay up until 1 or 2 AM on Friday and Saturday night drawing. Later, I briefly considered art as a major in college, but in the late 1960’s the Anti-War Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Counter Culture Movement and Feminist Movement all seemed to move me in another direction, teaching history. In 2017 I rediscovered drawing when I spent a lot of time drawing cartoons to lift the spirits of a family member who had a long-term hospitalization. One day, I saw a picture with a lighthouse that made an impression through its symbolism. Lighthouses have provided mariners with a guiding light, a beacon of hope, and a safe harbor. It occurred to me that those qualities were also symbolic not only for those in the helping professions treating those experiencing health challenges, but the clients they serve who work toward wellness. I began drawing lighthouses as a tribute to them and contribute the proceeds from any sales to help support those experiencing mental health challenges.

Castle Hill Light
Nobska Lighthouse
Rose Island Light

Cheryl Perry


Cheryl Perry Pottery utilizes a one-of a kind technique to create pottery with intricate henna-inspired artwork seemingly in motion as it ebbs and flows over each piece. Every bowl, plate, or platter is thrown on the wheel or from a flat slab of clay that is shaped on bowl forms. Cheryl then creates coils with an extruder tool, and painstakingly hand rolls the coils and clay pearls of all different sizes, before carefully placing them in a unique array over the base. Once a piece is fired, she hand paints glaze over the entire piece and then carefully wipes away the glaze from the surface of the coils and pearls, to reveal the clay body which contrasts nicely with the glaze color, to better highlight the design.

Cheryl has always had a knack for the creative. In her twenties, she worked as a graphic designer before leaving to take care of three kids full time. Usually being the most artistic mom in the room, she painted class portraits, made costumes, and threw theme parties. In Fall of 2013, Cheryl Perry was driving her middle daughter back to college. Knowing Cheryl would soon be seeing her youngest child off to college, her daughter asked her pointedly, “so what are you going to do now?” This kind of tough-love statement prompted Cheryl to find a new way to channel her creative energy full-time. She began taking pottery classes, studying under a professional potter, testing out her new technique, and soon moved into her own studio.

Cheryl Perry Pottery is the perfect multi-functional statement piece for your home or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Cheryl works from Cutler Mills Studios in Warren, Rhode Island and you can find her work at Cambridge Artists Cooperative and AZ Fine Arts Gallery in Winchester MA.

Cheryl Perry's Vessels