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When you encounter Man Ray in the 7th grade, you can't look back. I have struggled balancing art and music, serving two masters, as they say. I try to make art first but it's hard to keep music in its place. As if!!!
Man Ray did a painting of lips floating in the sky, That did it!

I'm in love with both abstract and representational painting. I feel a strong connection to prehistoric geometric abstraction and would like to investigate this area further. But I am a story teller at heart, using events and observations from my life and allowing them to grow akin to a novelist whose book seems to write itself with unforeseen twists and turns, and the author just along for the ride.

Music from the Braque Guitars
A Stick in Time
My Way or the Steinway

Maggie's Pharm

Maggie's Pharm

Ghosts of Updike's Newtown


National Geographic

Detail of Maggie's Pharm