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Peter Dickison: "Coordinates", Oil Painting
Pao: "The Personality of Cuba", Photography
Nina Hope Pfanstiehl: "Fantasy Figures", Ceramic Sculpture

October 4 - 26, 2014

Ceramic sculpture, photography, and oil painting on linen are the preferred media of this dynamic gathering of guest artists.

Nina Hope Pfanstiehl’s “Fantasy Figures” in ceramic display her fascination with ancient cultures, mythology, sci-fi and anime.  Many variations of the female form will be featured using clay, polymer, wire, feathers and other mixed media. An award-winning artist who has developed her craft in many advanced area workshops, her sculpture, jewelry and paintings have appeared in invitational, open and juried shows throughout southeastern New England.

Photographer Pao (a.k.a. Gail Carpenter) features “The Personality of Cuba” from a recent trip.  She lived in Belize until moving to Rhode Island ten years ago. She is a world traveler, “a humanitarian and a lover of life.” Pao is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and Syracuse University, and has participated in many juried shows throughout New England.

Peter Dickison studied at Swain School of Design in New Bedford, MA and received a BFA in Painting at the Parsons School of Design. He was a teaching assistant for Drawing with the Cleveland Institute of Art in Lacoste, France. He now lives in Newport and teaches at the Newport Art Museum. Dickison features landscapes in oil on linen.

Peter Dickison


Artist's Statement:

I love olives and figs. Both are gifts from nature, yet one must be coaxed from its bitter, unyielding state through brine, salt and time before its flavor may be unlocked and savored, while the other develops a voluptuous sweetness on the tree and for those fortunate enough to pick one ripe, yields sweet riches right off the branch. The duality expressed in these two fruits, savory and sweet, bitter and luscious, unbearable and heavenly seems to me like every aspect of existence. It is like the harshness of death amidst the glory of love and life.

I bring this perception to my paintings, infusing them with the belief that in our stories the greatest glory is not available to us without the coexistence of travail and heartache. I seek this drama in landscapes and in the life within them. As writer Laurence Hazell once commented on my work, “his central intuition is that human activity is framed by nature but that human understanding fabricates the landscape.” In these landscapes and through the life inhabiting them I fabricate my truest place.

Inquiries: art@peterdickison.com


HILL OF GREENS; Oil on Linen


Artist's Statement: 

Pao is a world traveler, a humanitarian and a lover of life. A somewhat reclusive personality and humanitarian lifestyle keep Pao quietly in the background, except when dancing or on the water.  

Pao’s photographs cover a range of  subject matter. Most recently over 2012-2014 studies have included: architecture, people in natural settings, sailing, water and dancing throughout Cuba, Mexico and California. Why Cuba? “It has been in my dream drawer since I was 15 years old.”



LEVANTER EL EMBARGO, Old Havana, Cuba; Photograph

Nina Hope Pfanstiehl
Ceramic Sculptor

Artist's Statement: 

I have long been fascinated by ancient cultures, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi & anime.  I've also enjoyed sculpting the female figure in various forms.  This series of “Fantasy Figures” reflects both of these interests and my takes on them.My figures, likewise, cover a wide spectrum, ranging from The Grim Reaper to Egyptian Goddesses to Harpies, Mermaids, Dryads, Aliens and Cyborgs.  Some are a combination of fables and some are creatures of my own imaginings.   I had a lot of fun making my sculptures using clay, polymer, wire, feathers and other mixed media.

DRYAD; Ceramic Sculpture

I hope to stretch my own and the viewer's imagination as I delve into the realms of the fantastic by showing the female body in its many possible forms.   From beautiful, humorous and strong to even the weird and creepy.

It is my wish that you gain as much from my sculptures as I did creating them and seeing my visions brought to fulfillment.  If any of my pieces can make you think or feel in any fashion, whether you speculate, laugh, enjoy, admire or cringe, I can feel I have been successful.



WEETAMO; Oil on Linen

EL JUGADOR DE TRUMPETA, Old Havana, Cuba; Photograph

HARPY; Ceramic Sculpture

Peter Dickison (b. 1960) studied painting at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He graduated as a BFA in Painting in1982, having been selected to the Yale University Summer School for Art in 1980 with a full scholarship.

After Swain Peter lived in New York, attending the Parsons School of Design Graduate Program in Painting. There he met the artist Nell Blaine (1922-1996) and became her studio assistant while painting in New York and Gloucester, MA. Dickison left the city to be the Teaching Assistant for Drawing with the Cleveland Institute of Art in Lacoste, France. After France he lived in the Hudson Valley region, exploring and painting its unique landscape. In 2003 he returned to Newport where he lives with his two daughters.

His first exhibition at DeBlois Gallery was a two person show in 1990. Exhibitions of his paintings have been mounted at the Prince Street Gallery in New York City, the Newport Art Museum, SUNY Purchase Art Gallery, Crowell’s Fine Art in New Bedford. He is on the faculty of the Newport Art Museum.

RAVINE; Oil on Linen

Pao is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Syracuse University and worked in the photographic industry for many years in Rochester, NY, as well as the video and film industry in Northern California. Pao has been a New England resident for the last decade after moving to Rhode Island from Caye Caulker, Belize in 2003. Pao has participated in many juried shows throughout New England and this Fall (2014) will be showing at the John and Linda Friend Art Gallery at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, as well as at DeBlois Gallery.

EL TAXIS NEGRO, Old Havana, Cuba; Photograph

 When asked why photography as opposed to another medium Pao comments, “I always see pictures when I look at life. I am a visual learner and photography is my true passion. It lives in my heart, my mind and my soul.”

Nina Hope Pfanstiehl received her BA Summa Cum Laude (double major, Art & English Lit.) from ECSU.  She has also studied at Salve, Newport Art Museum, Mudstone Studios & South County Art Association.  Her sculpture, jewelry &  paintings have been shown in open, juried and invitational shows throughout New England.  She has won numerous awards and her work was selected for inclusion in Lark Books “500 Raku.”  She is a member of the The Portsmouth Arts Guild, Mudstone Studios, South County Art Association & a Juried Artist Member of The Wickford Art Association.

SNOOZE; Ceramic with Found objects

EL PUESTA DE FRUTA FRESCA, Outskirts of Trinidad, Cuba; Photograph


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