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The Art of
Elaine Aidinoff-Edelberg, Rita Honnen, and Kathleen Morton

October 1 - 29, 2016

Elaine Aidinoff-Edelberg

Rita Honnen

Kathleen Morton

Artist’s Statement

I create my collages from the beauty that surrounds me through my observations and life experiences. While my artwork reflects a diversity from abstract to realism, my primary focus is on the interesting individuals and places I have encountered through travel and everyday life.

Artist’s Statement

My interest in art stems from my childhood where I was encouraged to use my creativity in all aspects of my life. I created my Black and White series through an intuitive painting process.  The use of strong design and composition forms the basis of this series. The mixed media pieces were created by the process of layering. I love working with strong design and color contrast. The black and white series pushed my design skills to a higher level, and I loved the design challenge the series provided.

On Handcrafting Books

One way I have found to continue the interest in the book is to design and create my own.    When I travel I always search for different papers, either culturally prepared or modern decorative.  I have also taken workshops to learn to make my own paper as well putting together the books. 

Researching the art of handcrafting books has taken me way beyond what I expected.  There are so many variations and creative techniques which is both inspiring as well as overwhelming. 

My most important lesson was to limit the number of techniques I was using at any one time and to set up various work stations to foster smooth production methods.  Careful measuring, a clean work area and a clear vision of the final product was also essential and not my usual way of producing in the studio.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of creating handmade books and look forward experimenting with more techniques.

Hopefully we will always value the book; paper, images and words.  The way a book feels in your hand and feeling you get when walking into a library or bookstore should not be lost to future generations.

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