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JASON FONG, Ceramics

October 7 - 29, 2017


Jason Lee Fong brings his lively and eclectic ceramic skills to “Visions.” He graduated from the University of Michigan in ceramics and printmaking, instructed at Ann Arbor Art Association and has been involved with many festivals and collaborative work. He appeared in PBS show special featuring the process of Raku firing in “Cultivating Life” episode 212: Fire.  Fong Was Executive Director at the South County Art Association, Kingston, RI and is currently with SCAA as Director of Exhibitions and Studies as well as a pottery instructor.


Working primarily in encaustic, Helen Hadley considers herself an observer, looking to paint atmosphere and focus on color and light, rather than perspective. Commenting on her work, Hadley states, “My landscapes are focused on the horizons and light, not what might be before me. Living in Newport makes me focus on light and color all the time; especially when driving through the landscapes of Ocean Drive along with First and Second beaches.”

Combining monotypes printed on rice paper with layers of encaustic, her paintings deftly intertwine the influences of drawing and painting.

Currently residing in Newport, R.I., Hadley holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from Connecticut College. For the last three years, Hadley has studied drawing at the New York Studio School. In addition to her studio work, Hadley teaches at the Newport Art Museum Coleman Center for Creative Studies.

MANDY HOWE's Artist Statement:

For this series I decided to paint one place from many different view points.  Each one begins with an idea, a photo, a color combo, or an image in my mind of a drawing’s architecture.

I am inspired by Jennifer Bartlett’s series “In the Garden” (1982) in which she did two hundred drawings of the same place- the view of the garden from her window in a house she was renting in France. I borrowed this idea so I could explore painting the reservoir however I saw it on any given day. I haven’t done two hundred drawings, but so far this series includes the paintings in this show.

Around the Reservoir

ANN MARIE SHOPPELL's Artist Statement:

From the Bike Path
My mediums are oil paints and graphite. For the Visions exhibit, I am using oils to give the viewer my interpretation of the world that I see and feel. These paintings capture what are part of so much that nature gives us which we may not truly "see". I am giving the viewer what I see based on color and feeling. I love paint. I love color. I love nature, paint brushes, pencils, paper and canvas. I want people to enjoy all of these things. In my work, I want the viewer to see the beauty in something that can be translated into lines and marks on paper. I want them to know that simple lines tell us so much. I have a particular love of Rembrandt's drawings. The lines and marks he left for us inspire me.

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