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U N C O M M O N   W O M E N

Izabella Casselman, Judi Israel, and Karen Nash

September 6 - 28, 2014

These three artists can be uncommonly humorous or ironic in their artwork. Judi Israel, a ceramic artist from Barrington, has found fun in a big family of ceramic penguins  she created–“all different, all  silly.”  Judi has produced works of ceramic animals or witty characters in the past. This show presents an installation of 20 penguins in series of 5. Curious, industrious, happy, or just knitting, her penguins will have presence. 

DeBlois  member and Newporter Karen Nash enjoys repurposing disposable material and has created some unforgettable Styrofoam giants in past shows, reflecting her green-conscious  wit.  After combing dumpster debris, flea markets, yard sales and beaches, she will reconfigure her found objects into uncommon objets d’art. She enjoys reflective surfaces, transparencies and negative space in her assemblage work. 

DeBlois member and Portsmouth resident Izabella Casselman is working in mixed media on paper and at times, allows solid ceramics into her 2-D surface as part of the narrative.  She considers herself a “mixed-media storyteller.” In this show she has focused on her son and his new career in Japan. Developing this body of work, she found satisfaction in Zack’s persona in a new country and workplace along with a mother’s pride and realization of her hopes for his future. Izabella graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Karen Marsteller Nash 

Artist's Statement:

Found-object assemblage is my favorite technique, sharing one or more of three dominant themes: Transformation, Mutation, and Paradox. Combining utterly unrelated objects to create a new visual logic serves to underline the inherent beauty and power in things that are so commonplace that they have become invisible. It also entertains me no end.

Izabella Casselman

Artist's Statement:

A graduate of RISD. She considers herself a mixed media artist
storyteller who enjoys using non-traditional materials to paint on.

Judi Israel
Ceramic Sculptor

Artist's Statement:

My work reflects my love of nature and my constant search for humor in the world around me.  Life is too short not to seek the fun.  I look for whimsy and silliness everywhere and hope my art will make people smile. Several months ago I saw a penguin on TV and thought it would be “cool” to create an installation of them at play….as usual, I got carried away.   Then in May I was in DC and was delighted to see the work of Jun Kaneko who uses bright patterns on very large ceramic bears.   The larger penguins are inspired by his work.

My experiments in sculpture started around the age of 8 with my Brownie Scout penknife and bits of wood and bone. My early training was acquired from books and private lessons, since elementary and secondary art education didn't include much sculpture. In college, I was privileged to study with Gaetano Cecere, a renowned stone sculptor. Later, I was fortunate to work in custom yacht building (an exercise in collaborative sculpture), acquiring invaluable machine and metalworking skills from a number of formally-trained craftsmen and artists who generously shared their knowledge.  I've studied jewelry making, welding/metal fabrication, and bronze foundry at the Rhode Island School of Design, further feeding my passion for sharp implements, noisy machinery, blazing torches, and roaring furnaces.

Rhode Island clay artist Judi Israel grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts and has a B.S. and a M.S. from Boston University.  Over the years she has taken clay related classes at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston Adult Education, Cambridge Adult Education, Framingham’s Danforth Museum, R.I.S.D., and has participated in many workshops in the U.S. and Mexico.   Her works have been shown in Nantucket, the Danforth Museum School and Women at Work Museum in Massachusetts, the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut, Columbia University and the J.P. Morgan Museum in New York, and galleries in Newport, Providence, and Warren, R.I.   Some of her recent works are included in permanent installations at Hasbro Children’s and Rhode Island Hospitals. She is proud to be a member of Mudstone Studios in Warren, R.I.
Samples of her works and additional information are found at www.judiisrael.com


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