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September 7 to September 29, 2019

September 2019 Card

"three" includes the artwork of Izabella Casselman, who reveals that her art reflects her fears about politics and natural disasters as well as her love for family and friends. Her work is deeply personal but can connect with viewers on many levels.

Ellen Blomgren, ceramic artist, uses her medium to tell a story. She hopes her work will interact with the viewer to evoke thought about childhood curiosity and our relationship with the natural world.

The mixed-media work of Virginia Stone illustrates the interaction between people and their pets. She finds the stories which are created between humans and animals to be compelling and she expresses this through her art.

Ellen Blomgren


I use the ceramics medium to tell a story. As I form the clay, the mythology will evolve. In every layer, the tale is embellished with texture color and detail. Once installed, the narrative can be read in its entirety by each viewer with their own, imaginative interpretation.

The work has a darkness to it, yet a playfulness as well. Every character has its own personality and gesture. Each of these works interact with the viewer to evoke thought about childhood curiosity, wildlife and our relationship with the natural world.

Wild Child
Bear in the Woods

Izabella Casselman


I tend to react to what is happening currently. Lately I worry about politics and natural disasters.

My son and his wife are still living in Japan and he is in charge of four Tsunami museums. The one in Japan that occurred in 2003 had a wave that was 80 ft tall. A wall of water.

I worry about America's political leaders. Our current POTUS is someone I truly do not respect. The anger and violence that he has promoted and reflected by the violence that occurred recently in the States. It just makes me angry.

Hungary had a revolution in 1956. It didn't stop Hungary from voting in a president who was and is a fascist.

America was born in revolution. And luckily for me as an artist I can make art that may not be socially acceptable. One can either look or not look.

I worry about the country that my grandchildren live in. I want them to live with rainbows and happily ever after endings. Unrealistic, but I am a grandmother.

My art reflects my fears and my love for my family and friends. Whether it's safe, I'm not sure.
But I haven't as yet had a coronary. Instead I put it down on paper.

Theoretical physicists build their theories on mathematics, logic and esthetics. As an artist I use the tools of color, composition, line and design to explore and visualize the world science discovers.

Japan-Grey foxes and Zack
Figure Drawing

Virginia Stone

Exiles from the Garden

I have tried often to define what I do and find it hard. I am trained as a fine artist loving many media. I am definitely two d not three d. I love line and color. My subjects are varied and many artists throughout the history of art have inspired me. I love playful creative thinking. Although something of a people pleaser in person, I staunchly could care less what people think of my work. It is my true freedom. I think it is a wonderful way to communicate. If everyone in the world was an artist or a musician or a writer or had some creative outlet the world would be a better place.

People and Their Pets, pets being a loose term for animals with whom we interact, start in a figure drawing group and sometimes the animals come as I draw them,and sometimes after. I have drawn figures since college years with groups in Virginia, Michigan, Massachussetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and North Carolina. Just as heartbeats of drummers synch something like that happens in the minds of artists who draw together over time. Each group I draw with seems to subtly affect how I draw.

But back to animals. Somehow my animals create a story or an interaction between the figures which I find compelling. There is an old trite adage that does often carry truth that people resemble their pets,the way spouses will often resemble each other. And sometimes it is as simple as that. I like looking for some other complicating factor as how animals seek their own goals despite us, the imp of a kitten, who insists being in a lap while a person tries to accomplish something. I recall years ago trying to frame a show for DeBlois while a new puppy insisted in being with me. Finally I put her in an over shoulder baby sling and framed, yes, framed my pieces for the show. She was quite happy.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Trying to Read
Cardinal Law
Psssst, E=mc2