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Valorie Sheehan

ceramics, jewelry, textiles

It has been twenty years and I am still at it - dreaming in clay.  I am drawn to its forgiving, tactile qualities, the technical aspects of glazing and the alchemy of the fire.  And while I sometimes dabble with other materials - bronze, glass, metals, textiles, encaustic paints and watercolors  - I think that clay will always be my first medium of choice.

My work has evolved over time, although its central intent remains the same.  Iconic fairy tales, creation myths, goddesses, saints, Jungian spirit guides and shrines, each body of work is an attempt to present in tangible, symbolic forms my belief that we are all connected by an inborn collective memory to a never-ending lifecycle, and an eternal life energy. Most of these figurative pieces are formed and cut into vessels, partly because I like the reference to pottery and clay, and also because the mystery of what each new owner will choose to enclose within the work adds their personal meaning to it.

My art schooling began at the Newport Art Museum and was quickly followed by classes at Providence College, Rhode Island School of Design, and Rhode Island College as well as ongoing workshops and seminars.  I hold a BA from Boston University.  I am a member of the Deblois Gallery, Warren Clay Works, South County Art Association, and the Portsmouth Arts Guild.

Reliquary for Mourning Sounds


Eleos (detail)

Erzulie (detail)





Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin (detail)

Red Shoes (detail)

Red Shoes




Vasilisa (detail)