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Times Are Tough Gallery, a tiny (10’x11’) fine arts and craft venue, is the brainchild of owner/curator Pia Hogue. As a working artist she says, “I love the camaraderie of shows.” So when Hogue saw that the markets where she and her fellow artists sold their work were closed due to Covid, she decided to help by opening a gallery. “These are my friends, these are great people and they are hurting”.
The DeBlois Gallery offered Times Are Tough Gallery their space in Middletown for the month of February to give them the opportunity to spread out and showcase even more local art. All agree that the team-up was a resounding success!


"New Year, Let's Cheer!" welcoming 2021
with a reunion of current and past members and good friends.

January 9 - January 30

Annual Spring Open Show on the theme "Touch Me, Feel Me"
March 6 - March 28

"Inside Outside": featuring Kelley Donnelly, Mandy Howe,
Manjula Padmanabhan, and Boyd Totin

April 3 - April 25

"Triangle": featuring Jillian Barber, Brooke Hammerle, and Meredith LeBlanc
May 1 - May 30

"Balance and Harmony": featuring Fran Leyenberger, Jeff Price, and Sue Prideaux
June 5 - June 27

"Wild Things": Michael Day, Carol Fitzsimons, Lisa May, and Sharon Pollock
July 3 - August 1

37th Annual Members' Show and Celebration
August 7 - August 29

"Nurtured by Nature": Shawndavid Berry, Virginia Stone, Nick Williams, C. C. Wolfe
September 4 - September 26

"Focus on Form": Ron Caplain and Silver Circle, Karen Nash
October 2 - October 31

The Print Show
November 6 - November 28

Holiday Show, Ewa Rose
December 4 - December 26


Funding provided in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and private funders.



Aquidneck Island High School Art Show
In Memory of Rosemary Day: "A great educator lives forever."
February 7 - 9, 2020

Pop-Up Open Tile Painting Event for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
August 1, 2020; Mandy Howe, Coordinator, RISCA Grantee


Despite COVID-19, our gallery has reopened, and our hours of operation are increasing - see the home page for the latest.

Annual Spring Open Show on the theme "Breaking Out"
March 7 - June 30

36th Annual Members' Show and Celebration
July 9 - August 30;
Gallery Night: August 13

"Four Visions" - Joseph Hanlon, David DeMelim, Kristine Villeneuve-Topor, Lisa May
September 5 - September 27;
Gallery Night: September 10

"Hand in Hand" - Peter Dickison, Charlene Carpenzano & Clay Group
October 3 - October 25;
Gallery Night: October 8

"Naturally Abstract" - Shane Dorey, Zack Prosser, Mandy Howe, Shawndavid Berry
November 7 - December28;
Gallery Nights: November 12, December 10